Spirits of Eden Setting

Introduction:•Ten Things You Must Know

Macguffins And Phlebotinum
Racial Aesthetic In Eden
Robes And Adel (Aesthetic)

Creation Myth

The Spirits
Races of Eden
Land And History
The Seven Nations
Adelian Culture
Eden Cosmology

In-Depth Concepts:Worship In Eden: Greater Spirits I
Worship In Eden: Greater Spirits II

Dragons in Eden

Magic In Eden
Arcane Magic I
Arcane Magic II
Arcane Magic III
Divine Magic I
•Divine Magic II
•Divine Magic III
Combating Spirits
Spirit Outlook
Adventurers of Eden

Culture Articles:Common Culture: Dress
Common Culture: Food
Common Culture: Customs
Common Culture: Coins.
Common Culture: Holidays

Lifestyle And Economy I: Villages
Lifestyle And Economy II: Towns
Lifestyle And Economy III: Cities

Equipment 1: Arsenal

Idle Ideas: Ghost Ships

Races Articles:Races of Eden: Iomadi
Races of Eden: Athirua
Races of Eden: Cuporo
Races of Eden: Damakran
Races of Eden: Dromidae
Races of Eden: Setah
Races of Eden: Inaw
Races of Eden: Ainyu
Races of Eden: Rhonnu
Races of Eden: Anpe
Races of Eden: Dwarves
Creatures And Enemies:Threats I: Sorians
Threats II: The Crawling Chaos
Threats III: The Angels
Threats IV: Wayward Souls
Threats V: The Furies
Threats VI: High Elves
Threats VII: Undead

Karin Apuleis’ Spirit Survey I

•Legends of Eden: Part 1, Part 2

Environment Articles:The Adelian Continent
The Hells Beneath All Creation
•The Ether That Flows Above
The Dromidae Empire
•Selvage: The Fey Jungle

•Fantastic Terrain: Glaciers
•Fantastic Terrain: Aberrant Ruins

•The Fern Isles
•The Muria Kingdom

Andaliel Articles:

Emderuer Articles:

Periterim Articles

Vedaria Articles

Sargasso Articles

Noshiki Articles

Creative Commons License
The Spirits of Eden Campaign Setting by Dennis N. Santana (Wyatt Salazar) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Please attribute to Dennis N. Santana (Wyatt Salazar), and link back to this page or the page you used.


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