Happy Belated 5th Anniversary, Spirits of Eden!

I know I haven’t been posting a whole lot here lately (or anywhere with great frequency, though I did write some prose yesterday) mostly because I haven’t been playing very many games (or looking at very many Kickstarters), but Spirits of Eden turned 5 years old on December 2012, and it skipped my mind completely. I’ve been having difficult times lately, with (several) failed job searches, the flu, money struggles, and other things. So it’s not a terribly happy anniversary, and there’s not much that I can do to celebrate. In fact it’s sort of gloomy, given how desolate the blog has been lately. I’m still posting from time to time but I don’t really have anything I can go to with regularity for the blog! Still, time marches on, and we’ve had good times and bad with this little place, so let’s hope the good times roll around again.

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One thought on “Happy Belated 5th Anniversary, Spirits of Eden!

  1. kuronoa

    Nonetheless, I hope things turn out well and there’s always the future to look towards to. Happy Anniversary SoE! :D

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