RELEASE: Expedition Alpha Playtest

Expedition is a fantasy adventure roleplaying game about traveling, exploring, fighting, bonding and all manner of points. It uses a 3d6 for most rolls and has fairly quick character generation. It uses a system that is fairly simple at first glance and in play but can be used for flexible and strategic gameplay while exploring, researching, fighting or interacting with NPCs.

You can get it here: Direct Download (thanks to Critical Hits), Mediafire mirror.

The file is 109 pages of very basic PDF, and 1.2 megabytes to download. It has PDF bookmarks.

You can download a print-ready, Form Fillable PDF Character Sheet: Mediafire.

Thanks to Greg Christopher for making the old sheet form-fillable!

You can go here to read the latest Errata, new rules and corrections. This is an evolving alpha playtest! I will have an Errata document up for download soon as well.

Unlike my previous methodology for releases, this time I’ll be taking longer to actually create revised documents, just so both you, and I, don’t go completely crazy replacing PDFs every week. Instead, I’ll do a Playtest 2 document within 2 months, and then we might proceed to the Beta stage within 5 or 6 months. The Alpha has been proofread twice, but me and my editor are both fallible human beings, and had some rough weekends, so if you see any problems at all, do not hesitate to tell me. If a problem is really really bad, or there is a lot of confusion, I may release a revised document, but for now, any changes will be kept in an Errata post.

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    (Other publishers, please take note. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.)

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