Celebrating 40,000 hits


Using the particularly un-scientific method of WordPress.com’s own built-in statistics apparatus I have deduced that my blog has received over 40,000 unique hits since its creation in December of 2008. I also deduced that I have not changed one bit since then. I thought I would look back fondly at a more optimistic, naive and young version of my self, only to realize that, nay, I will be this way forever. Doctor Phil, where are you? I require your gentle guiding hand of psychology in order to be normal.

As a tradition of these posts, here’s the image I’m using for a wallpaper right now.

Another tradition is to find some gimmick to make this post worthwhile, so I figured I would once again call upon that most unloved apparatus of statistics, WordPress.com’s internal stats tools, and see which of my posts have been the most popular over the not-year that I have spent blogging. We’ll do this in a countdown fashion from 10 to 1.

Hopefully it’ll at least make you laugh a little bit.

Number 10

Bringing up the rear of popular posts is my blog’s About section. This section serves a few purposes, the one I had hoped it would serve best was attracting people to read other stuff I’d written but that’s probably not gonna work. Wyatt’s fiction? Who cares?

I’m surprised that my About page was there, I thought it would be way out of sight of the top 10. But it just goes to show that Wyatt is a mysterious man of great mystery, and any information that can shed more light upon him is greatly appreciated.

Number 9

At nine we have one of my first forays into 4e homebrew, the Fleurian Pact Warlock. It even got submitted into the Open Game Table Anthology of Roleplaying Games, except that version is now a collectible, as in it doesn’t exist anywhere but there. Since its movement into the Spirits of Eden, the Fleurian Pact Warlock has seen additions, subtractions, and adaptations of all sorts to become what it is today. I’m really very proud of it, and it’s nice to see people more interested in that.

I wanted to write something more pessimistic than this, but I am just that happy.

Number 8

I love anime, and nobody seems to share my love. I watch all kinds of anime, from fantasy, to action, to romance comedies. I enjoy a weird cross-section of anime, and many people would call my tastes childish, stupid and vapid. I would call those people names, but I have reformed, and therefore do not curse on this blog as often. But they’re assholes. Let’s just be clear about it.

And so, at number 8, we have perhaps one of the only genuinely informative posts about anime I’ve ever done and managed to apply to RPGs, Character Archetype Terms You Never Heard. I’m so presumptuous. What you also don’t know is that I am constantly toiling to find ways to write more articles to apply anime things to RPGs, but to do so in a conservative way that wont offend the sensibilities of most RPG gamers, whom I have found have little tolerance for getting them animes in them thar fantasy rpg games. Anime killed the tabletop star, after all. Or was that MMOs. I don’t know what’s trendy to hate anymore.

I have had little success with my toil.

Number 7

An inoffensive post I had to lock the comments of because they were making me devolve into murderous rage.

I guess my murderous rage sells.

Number 6

My post about creative skill usage in 4e was a fairly simple post that seems to have grabbed a good bit of folks. I was pleasantly surprised with its performance, what with it being such a relatively new article. Maybe this reflects upon my growing readership, or perhaps it reflects poorly on all my other articles as just being that bad.

I hope it is the former.

Number 5

Anime images always seem to inspire in me the adventurous sense of imagination and whimsy that I want out of gaming, so it’s no surprise that I spent a lot of time on sites like safebooru and danbooru and pixiv, searching for pockets of treasure, usually touhou-related treasure, to brighten up my day with their colorful, cute, and sometimes utterly terrifying splendor.

This post I made about Pixiv Fantasia is one that seems to constantly get hits because it has the word Pixiv on it, so it’s grouped in google searches with a crapton of deviantart links. I am unsurprisingly not as interested in Deviantart as I am with Pixiv, but it does contain orders of magnitude more drow in vaguely threatening somewhat sexual positions of dominance over each other.

Number 4 and 3

The first and second parts of my Monster Manual 2 review which is yet to be completed because I am not yet in such desperate need of filler (I kid, the 4th part is being worked on already) have been incredibly popular. I don’t know if it’s because it has so many googleable words (I don’t think many people constantly refer to the demons by their full, bizarre names over and over within the same posts often, Nycademon Nycademon Nycademon) or if it’s genuinely my wit and charm in talking about how I hate At-Will daze and save ends unconsciousness and Beholders, who embody the concept of making your character nigh unplayable through action denial as part of the challenge of playing the game.

I am genuinely funny where I am not insightful, it seems. I should play to my strengths more often.

Number 2

I thought this was going to be number 1, but I’m happy to see it at number 2 anyway. It is my Spirits of Eden Player’s Guide with everything (more or less) a player needs to know to play Spirits of Eden. And thus far, lots of things DMs should know to play Spirits of Eden as well. In fact it’s kind of a misleading name in the 4e trends. It’s sort of more like the Pathfinder book where everything is mostly lumped in one place. The DM’s Guide is currently more of a big collection of story material right now.

This is one of my prides and joys, at least the only one that’s actually being read by somebody. Hooray me!

And finally…

Number 1

My houserules article. This thing has traveled far and wide. I’ve been called a “pendejo” in some spanish-speaking forums, because they apparently couldn’t read the English well enough to deduce that some of the houserules serve different purposes, sometimes cross purposes, and aren’t meant to be used together. I can say this and not be racist because I’m puertorican, but some Spain and South American game forumers need to learn English before they go trolling the English-speaking blogosphere.

I also recall being praised in an italian forum for some of the grittier houserules, as well as being linked to from ENWorld and GITP at one point. I hate the trackbacks for those though, GITP’s links never seem to allow you to follow them back to the origin of the person linking you, and ENWorld you have to change the URL in the bar ever so slightly or you get a page not found. S-S-Stupid wordpress.com…it’s not like I put up with your failings because I like you or anything…

Here’s to 40,000 more. And maybe enough money to self-host someday. Even if I don’t know how.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrating 40,000 hits

  1. Congratulations! ^_^

  2. Telicis


    This was a neat list and fits pretty well; your MM reviews were generally hilarious and I keep hoping another will pop up.

  3. kuronoa

    9. Yo Infernal Pact, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Fleurian Pact had one of the best Pacts.

    8. I have my own nitpicks about anime as a whole, but I views it. If it’s any consolation, as you already know, much of the snooty anime Fan Dumb are typically the living embodiments that make me ashamed of my hobbies.

    4 and 3. Actually, I love your MM2 review for the implement of the Chaos Beholder gag. So much that I do plan on using the creature in one of my games as a shop keeper. He just needs a warm and fuzzy name.

    Anywho, CONGRATULATIONS! :D Keep at it and never give up! Or I’ll eat you! :D

    *eats gelatinous and squishy food*

  4. Andrew

    Congratulations, Wyatt.

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