Happy Cirno Day!

It’s the once in a lifetime event, Cirno day! Remember to celebrate 9/9/09 with your favorite ice fairy! She’s the strongest! (I hope the Network will forgive me for this one completely unrelated post.)

(Image by Derrasanc, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0.)

Here’s a list of ⑨ Cirno FACTS:

•Cirno is the strongest fairy in Gensokyo.

•Cirno can be found at the Misty Lake, where she graces all visitors with her intellect and charm.

•Cirno has her own Touhou game totally about her.

•As of Touhou 12.3, Cirno is STRONGER THAN THE SUN. (And has a spiffy hairdo.)

•Cirno defeated a giant frog by freezing its innards.

•Cirno’s hobby of freezing small harmless frogs has never killed a frog because that’s just how good she is.

•Cirno only hangs out with the classiest youkai in Gensokyo, like Mystia Lorelei.

•Cirno’s eternal rival Suwako is clearly outmatched against her power and I have video to prove it.

Nine is the perfect number to describe the depth and beauty that is Cirno!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Cirno Day!

  1. Telicis

    *waves a Cirno flag* Go 9 go!

  2. I want to rate this thread “9” but I can’t xD

    Happy Cirno’s Day!

  3. ADD899

    Yes it’s Cirno Day!

  4. DaiaX

    No frog nearby, they’re running in fear…

  5. Kurtis

    WOOOO HAPPY CIRNO DAY! ⑨/⑨/⑨!!!!!

  6. someonerandom

    late comment:
    •Cirno is the strongest fairy in Gensokyo.
    that one was wrong because Cirn⑨ is strongest in Gensokyo not just strongest fairy

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