Through Thunder And Lightning I Win 24 Hour RPG

Just posting to mark my finish. Will edit later once thunder and lightning cease.

Finally got done with this insanity. 2 hours to go of time, but the thunder and lightning and losing power made me panic and post it earlier. I was hoping to expand a bit more on the assumed setting and add some more sample antagonists to the game, but oh well. The submission I sent, 29 pages, the finished work, you can download it for free here.

It is called Insectum, and it is a fantasy roleplaying game about playing bugpeople. (Like this and this.)

Instead of magic, you have hormones and pheromones. Which are magic, just with a different name. Everyone can use those to some extent. The game is designed for 3d6 play and is class-based, and is a sort of spiritual marriage/abomination of nature between practically every D&D-ish game you’ve ever seen, along with tokens, scenes and story arcs and other devices from “Story Games” kind of RPGs. It is sold as-is and you cannot reduce my Ebay rating because you don’t like it.

Oh wow, I’m already finding places with sentences that got cut off or say contradicting things. I still have time, maybe I should revise.

Edit: Found one outstanding problem – regardless of what the contradictory statements say, Pheromones and Hormones only work once each, once each scene. There are no separate rules for Scenes and Combat about how pheromones work. (There USED TO BE but I didn’t intend to leave artifacts of that behind.)

Fixed version here:

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8 thoughts on “Through Thunder And Lightning I Win 24 Hour RPG

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Helepolis

    Buuuuuuuuuug giiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllllllls! :D

  3. Dark080matter

    Insectum is sheer win, good job.

  4. dysonlogos

    Congrats. the 24 hour RPG challenge can be quite a grind.

  5. Thanks for the congrats everyone.

    @Dyson: Oh god yes. I thought I could do it easily, I was like “yeah I’ll do an RPG about bugs”, but it kicked my can quite some. I had to give up the original idea about bugs having different movements and such, and just go with “bugs are people and all of them fly, even scorpions”. Though I think this is good. It forces you to think about what ideas are really worth keeping.

  6. dysonlogos

    Absolutely. Geodesic Gnomes was my second attempt at this kind of challenge – my first attempt was the 48 hour challenge issued by Wild Die earlier this year and I was able to get a mostly-functional fantasy RPG out of it. But I already knew that for a 24 hour game I would have to shrink down the amount of detail to get it all in and still be able to sleep. In the end (like many 24 hour games it seems), I stripped the equipment section down to a simple set of rules for all equipment based on the rules I had already written for “talents” for the characters.

  7. Congratulations. I took a quick read and it seems like an interesting concept. Though I must confess I now feel like little insects are crawling all over me. Bugs… time to go squish! Truly a quirky concept!

  8. I’ve become a bit of a bug fanatic (I can’t say bug nerd because very little of my enthusiasm is rooted in factual knowledge of insects, though I do have some of that) ever since I took a freshman entomology course that was superbly fun. Since then, and with some anime prodding, the idea of bugpeople has begun to fascinate me for its fantasy potential, and this was sort of the culmination of that. It’s kinda like fairies, only less effeminate.

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