Monster of Eden III: Septinum’s Influence

Last time I showed you a few spirits that can be found in a grave site in Adel, but these were not really very dangerous beings, in the sense that they had a limited scope where they operated and were not immediately hostile (with the exception of Urei). In this article, we’ll look at 2 monsters that can indeed be found roaming the countryside. Such encounters are not common, but not out of the realm of possibility. Caravans arm themselves with mercenaries, and pray to the Spirits for protection, that they do not encounter beings such as these.

ASHURA (Ah-shoe-rah)

This group of devil-like beings exist to feast upon the essence of the living world. Of the Spirits they are some of the most selfish and least forward-looking. Ashuras gather worship and tribute from lesser spirits who hope not to be tortured or killed by the Ashura. Ashura are very territorial for the most part, though this is in proportion to their intelligence. Smarter Ashura know that they own nothing unless they kill it, and land cannot be killed. However, they still enforce small boundaries, such as not letting anyone near a cave they “own”, or an abandoned shrine they live in. Humanoid Ashura venture into mortal communities at times, but monstrous Ashura remain firmly in the wild.


Snake-like malicious spirit entities, the Fangs of Despair are hungry, beastly spirits that prey on humanoids and spirits for their eternal essences. They must feed in order to survive, and few think of anything beyond that. Most are merely massive, horned, spiny snakes, but there are intricacies between them that belay status and power, such as size, sharper or duller prongs, frost and fire covering their scales.

Fangs are not social animals by a long shot. They display their vibrant colors against each other, not to scare off creatures. They will brutally maim each other on sight, along with practically anything else that happens to be nearby, if their territory is violated. As such, they are thankfully solitary creatures, who attack accompanied only by vassal spirits, or future snacks that they have caught and bullied into temporary servitude.


Humanoid beings with dark skin, golden eyes, pale hair and a thirst for blood, Ashura Malevolent Slayers walk the darkest paths of Adel, challenging whoever they meet to fight to the death. Malevolent Slayers enact all kinds of cruelties upon their enemies. Their weapons are over-large and ornate but wielded with deadly accuracy. They don’t dress any one way but are fond of cloaks and other clothing which might logically get in their way in a fight – but it never does, as their skill is that great.

Malevolent Slayers are said to be devils outcast from Septinum, too reckless even for the otherworldly evils that haunt the Hells Beneath All Creation. Malevolent Slayers follow no rules but their own. They have little spark of kindness and will not spare somebody they can kill. They do value their lives somewhat more than other Ashura, and are capable of surrender and complying to terms, but only when thoroughly broken to the point that they can no longer conceive of fighting. They are most often seen wandering the wilderness, seemingly like any other traveler, until the urge to kill and the smell of blood call to them.

Rarely, a Malevolent Slayer can be seen in servitude to another creature, as a bodyguard or assassin. But more likely, they are the ones calling the shots, often with groups of monstrous humanoids threatened into servitude, or in charge of beasts that they have tamed into obedient killers. If they are organized as such, they have some overarching goal – perhaps killing a person they recall from a past life, before their essences were hurled into Septinum, or obtaining some powerful object.

(Special Thanks to Asmor and Dungeon Mastering.)

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4 thoughts on “Monster of Eden III: Septinum’s Influence

  1. Great stuff, I wish I was half as creative as you in designing monsters.

  2. Dark080matter

    Ah, I see that there was some overlap of concepting for Obelos and Eden. Pretty cool.

  3. Ashura has been a monster in Eden since it’s 3.5 incarnation. I use stuff from Eden in Obelos for a lack of time to plan more stuff.

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