Monsters of Eden I: Muikara

The Muikara is my favorite of the spirits of eden, and in this article you’ll find 4 incarnations of the creature, including one NPC.

MUIKARA (Moo-ee-cah-ra)

A winged spirit of the winds, a Muikara is a tall, marble-white humanoid with long, light to dark grey hair with green streaks and jewel-green eyes, with arms from which trail small streams of green-tipped feathers. From the hips, another pair of wings extends, large and broad enough to serve as a makeshift skirt. Their featherless humanoid legs end in clawed feet that are a cross between human foot and bird talon. Their hands have multiple joints and feathery rings around their wrists. Muikara in the wild rarely dress, but those closer to civilization wear short robes and sometimes hats.

Muikara can be seen flying over the oceans or in forests and low mountains. Flocks of Muikara often designate an area as their territory. Passing through can be rather tense for non-Muikara. They are excellent trackers, and are often sought after for their ability to search for people. Though wise and worldly, Muikara can seem cold and distant, and unwilling to help. Muikara love gold, jewels and other things they can line their eyries with or wear in their hair and feathers.

Wind Sages are older Muikara who have learned to fly through typhoons and tornadoes, gaining a stronger ability to control winds than other Muikara. They tend to decorate their feathers with any jewelry they can gain from human tribute, to show their status.

Muikara Wind Devas are the oldest and most wise Muikara, who are said to move so fast that the eye cannot follow them. They are larger than the average Muikara and ther bodies are birdlike from the waist down, with much plumage and black taloned legs. They have two pairs of wings (the hip wings and wings on their backs) along with their “wing-arms” that are as humanoid arms but trail feathers. Their hair is very long and feathers are interspersed with it. It is said that Wind Devas can be bargained with to stop storms or to bring good wind for sailing. However, earthly treasures do not as easily tempt them as they do to other Muikara.

All Muikara, except those with Spirit Contracts and Wind Devas, can confer the following Boon ability:

[Special] Observe Creature (Standard; Daily) @Boon
The Muikara’s perception rides on the winds of the world, allowing it to watch the actions of one creature. This functions as the “Observe Creature” ritual but requires no components to cast. The description can be supplied by another creature, along with preferably a full name or an epithet. The Muikara knows the location of the creature it is observing, and the sensor lasts until the end of the encounter or 5 minutes. The DC to perceive the Scrying sensor is 18.

Lai Sen

Nicknamed the Wind Daughter in some circles, Lai Sen is the spirit companion of the swordsman Naren Pekotro. The two of them have some small fame within areas of Andaliel, but to most people they are just another group of wandering swordsmen. Lai Sen the Muikara Swordswoman is Naren’s unyielding companion and part-time physician.

The two always seem to be at a loss for food no matter how much they stockpiled beforehand. They wander Adel in search of a place to settle down, but the two of them have mostly resigned themselves to homelessness, finding no place where their presence doesn’t cause some sort of problem, either by coincidence, accident or directly because of them.

Despite being plagued by some terrible karma, the two of them are rather cheerful, though Lai Sen, as all Muikara tend to be, is somewhat more cynical, detached and sarcastic. This veener of maturity is often shattered by Naren’s presence, as his enthusiasm and youth are very infectious. Whether the two of the are more than just friends is anyone’s guess.

A typical Muikara, Lai Sen’s most distinctive features are her long dark olive hair, with long, bright green feathers in places as though imitating the flow of her hair, and gold eyes. She wears a grey robe and red sash, covering her now-useless hip-wings. The robe goes down to the knees of her uncovered legs, and she wears no shoes. Her lovely marble-white skin and face make her stand out from other people, but in a world of spirits, she’s not terribly out of place except in the smallest of small villages.

Lai Sen lost all her Muikara abilities due to her contract with Naren, but in exchange she learned swordsmanship from him, as well as learning bits of Spirit Magic from the places she has visited. Rera is a wind-type spirit magic spell that substitutes for her lost native abilities, along with Monka for Flight. Najuu helps her keep Naren in fighting shape, handy due to all the trouble they seem to get into. Kitam is a sword technique taught to her by Naren.


(Special Thanks to Asmor and Dungeonmastering.)

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