Feats of Eden II

Part 1 here.

I always thought that the martial types in the PHB had it made. They got all sorts of nifty stuff for the many, many weapons they can use, they got the good damage add-on feats, they got the best feats to bolster their already-potent class features. With Eden, I went with the assumption that Martial types in the PHB pretty much got all the help they really need. I decided instead I’d try to offer the Wizard, Warlock and (non-weapon) Cleric some more stuff to bolster the things they already do.

Implement Focus
Benefit: Choose one implement type that can be used with your class’ powers, such as Orb for Wizards or Holy Symbol for Clerics. You have a +1 feat bonus to damage rolls with powers that have the Implement keyword as long as you wield your chosen implement. This improves to +2 at 11th level and +3 at 21st level.

Precise Wand
Prerequisite(s): Implement Mastery “Wand of Accuracy” class feature.
Benefit: If you applied your Wand of Accuracy class feature to a Wizard spell, that spell targets enemies only.

Empowered Curse
Prerequisite(s): Warlock’s Curse class feature
Benefit: The extra damage dice from your Warlock’s Curse class feature increase from d6s to d8s.

Channel Divinity: Vestige of the Greater Spirit
Prerequisite(s): Channel Divinity class feature, must worship the appropriate spirit.
Benefit: You can invoke the power of one Greater spirit. You gain the Channel Divinity power for a single Greater Spirit of your choice. Its alignment must match yours. You can take this feat a second time to gain the Channel Divinity Power of a second Greater Spirit of your choice, which you also must worship, but who’s alignment need not match yours.

Channel Divinity: Arcline’s Kindness Feat Power
Arcline blesses all things, regardless of their wealth of stature, so that they will return the blessing to others.
Encounter @ Divine
Free Action Close Burst 10
Trigger: Any ally within range fails a saving throw.
Target: The triggering ally.
Effect: That ally rerolls the failed saving throw with a +2 power bonus. Until the end of your next turn, that ally can choose one of its allies in range (except you) that failed a saving throw and as a free action that ally can reroll the failed saving throw.

Channel Divinity: Inunkuru’s Jealousy Feat Power
Inunkuru covets all things, and will only give favor if favor is promised to her in return.
Encounter @ Divine
Free Action Ranged 10
Trigger: An ally within range fails a saving throw.
Target: The triggering ally.
Effect: That ally rerolls the failed saving throw with a +1 bonus. You gain a +4 power bonus to a single saving throw you make before the end of your next turn.

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2 thoughts on “Feats of Eden II

  1. kuronoa

    I find it hurtful that not many post on the magical stuff…jackass steroid junkies…anywho. >_>

    Precise Wand…hm…I like what it does but am curious as to what level it should be applied? Paragon is the first thing that screams in my head, but then I remember an Epic Feat which does something similar. Basically allows a certain number of squares to not be affected by area attacks, thus allowing your friends to avoid boom-booms.

    Empowered Curse gives the locks the much needed oomf behind their damage. Heroic that! :)

    Arcline’s Kindness is pretty cool. I assume it ends with the second?

    Inunkuru’s Jealousy: Looks ok. I’d probably like it more if it gave the target a (small) bonus. Maybe like a +1 or +2 with the caster retaining the +4.

    Also, do Channel Divinity spells normally use actions? If so, why not just make these minor actions?

    Those are my thoughts. (>”)> ^( ” )^ <(“<) v( ” )v

  2. Precise Wand doesn’t need to be anything higher than heroic, because it only works once per encounter. The Epic Feat works whenever you want.

    Making the channel divinity things minor actions would make them suck because you could not react to an ally making a saving throw. Free Action would work about the same way, but I was basing them off the more developed Faerun feats.

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