Rituals of Eden II

Here’s the link to the first one.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the more impressive Eden rituals. These rituals are fairly large and have lots of powers for exploration, only one of which can be used each casting. They’re also at the threshold to paragon, where the PCs have probably worn out mundane exploration and will begin to see greater challenges navigating dungeons. We’ll also be looking at a more mundane ritual to accompany them.

You call upon the spirits of earth to manipulate their element in your favor.

Level: 10
Category: Exploration

Time: 10 minutes; 5 minutes if you are a Iomadi, Cuporo Elf, Eladrin or Dwarf.
Component Cost: Depends on the effect chosen; quartz pendant focus worth 200 gp.
Market Price: 400 gp
Key Skill: Religion (no roll)
Special: This ritual can only be used once a day, and an additional time after a milestone.

You can apply one of the following effects to pre-existing stone, cement, earth or steel within 5 squares of you:

•You can lift a 3×3 squares area of ground from the earth as a platform. It can move 20 squares in any direction before falling to the ground. It also falls to the ground when there are no longer any creatures standing on it, or when the last creature standing on it commands it to fall. This costs 80 gp.

•Flora of your choice grows over a 10 square area of the ground. This flora can be blocking terrain (masses of plants or wood that bar the way), hindering terrain (such as thorns which deal appropriate damage when a character tries to move past them) or difficult terrain (simple but overgrown plants that can be trudged through). The area has hit points equal to your own and defenses equal to 10 + 1/2 your level, and last until destroyed. Alternatively, you can choose not to affect the terrain and instead grow enough food to feed 5 persons for a week. This costs 150 gp.

•You can beautify and strengthen one existing stone, cement, earth or man-made steel structure (but not items or smaller objects) such as a length of a castle wall or a single house or temple. This structures gains resistance to all damage equal to half your level. If it had resistance to damage previously, the resistance increases by an amount equal to half your level. This lasts until the structure is destroyed or until the original caster of this ritual has been killed. This costs 500 gp.

You call upon the spirits of water to manipulate their element in your favor.

Level 10
Category: Exploration

Time: (See below); half that if you are a Damakran, Halfling or Dragonborn
Duration: Special
Component Cost: Depends on the body of water to manipulate; aquamarine pendant focus worth 200 gp.
Market Price: 350 gp
Key Skill: Religion
Special: This ritual can only be used once a day, and an additional time after a milestone.

This ritual allows you to manipulate a single pre-existing body of water within 5 squares, applying one of the following effects to it.

•You can freeze it, allowing you to walk over it at half your speed. Any faster and you fall prone. You freeze only the topmost section of the body of water so as to be able to walk over it – you do not freeze the entire body. The ice will not melt naturally for the duration of the ritual, but every 1 square of ice has 50 hit points and Vulnerability 10 Fire, and can be broken with enough damage.

•Part it, revealing a path the length of the body of water. This path is wide enough for your party to walk through either side by side or in a single file line, if the body is prohibitively small. You can jump down to this floor and walk across the body. You are flanked by the aqueous sections of the body on either side, and creatures may attack you from those sides if they can reach you.

•Oxygenate it, allowing you to breathe within it without the aid of other rituals. This does not improve your ability to swim.

None of these effects can harm any of the creatures within the body of water. The type of body of water you target determines the time the ritual takes and the price of the components:

10 gp: The town well, a small section of a river; 2 minutes
200 gp: A small lake, a 1 mile section of a river; 4 minutes
500 gp: A very large lake, a 10 mile section of a river; 6 minutes
50,000: A river and all connected lakes, a 50 mile section of the ocean; 10 minutes

You religion check determines the duration of this effect. You can spend 2 healing surges after you know the result of the check to double the duration of the effect.

9 or less: 15 minutes
10-19: 20 minutes
20-29: 30 minutes
30-39: 1 hour
40+: 1/10th the result in hours

You trace a sigil upon an object and summon a burly spirit to force it open for you.

Level 3
Category: Exploration

Time: 4 minutes
Duration: Instantaneous
Component Cost: 50 GP
Market Price: 100 GP
Key Skill: Arcana (no roll)
Special: This ritual can only be used once a day, and an additional time after a milestone.

You force open a single door or gate, even a door sealed by an Arcane Lock. This does not function on chests or other locked objects – only doors, windows, or other thresholds which would lead you from one place to another. You need not make a check to open the door – it opens automatically after you have cast the ritual.

You cannot open a door that has been locked with magic by a being of a higher level than you, or by magic locks with item levels above your own. An Arcane Lock is rendered ineffective only for as long as the door remains open – if the door is closed anew, the lock resumes. The caster of the Arcane Lock is warned when this occurs.

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7 thoughts on “Rituals of Eden II

  1. Miracle of Earth really made me think of RollerCoaster Tycoon. Man, I miss that game.

    Miracle of Water looks both impressive and useful. How about add ‘purify it’ or ‘poison it’ to the effects? I suppose they aren’t as useful for a temporary ritual like this one, though.

    Torn Threshold is interesting. I’d say it was overpowered if it weren’t that you can only use it once a day. Someone who casts an Arcane Lock is notified if the lock is dispelled, but this only temporarily interrupts the lock, so would they be notified?

  2. I would think so. I’m not going to add extra text whenever one or the other rituals touch each other, but I think that’s a call anyone would make.

    Also, I sincerely doubt any ritual can be overpowered. A rogue can open a locked door in a turn. It is overpowered compared to Knock, which is god-awful.

  3. kuronoa

    The two miracles are designed well. Fluff-wise, I like the the diet Moses effect and the word Oxygenate (Burninate much? :P). Would there be advanced versions of these miracles in the future for epic tier?

    The final one I am a bit iffy about. My own personal thoughts is, for a level 2 Ritual, it does seem a bit strong. I would agree, at least, the Arcane Lock caster be notified that his/her lock was tampered with.

    Knock can such my door-knob. >_>

  4. Alright, changed Torn Threshold to level 3 and 4 minutes casting time and 50 gp. I can still agree to that as long as I don’t have to make it into Knock. Ugh.

  5. The thing we’re saying is powerful about it – or at least, what looks powerful to me – is that you open any locked door without a roll. Whereas a rogue can only open a door he can manage to pick, which is not a sure thing. With this, you could open a door locked for all time by the creator of the gods, and not have to roll for it. If that’s what you wanted for the ritual, that’s fine.

    Knock is pretty weak.

  6. I’ll add a clause that you can’t break arcane locks from things above your level then. It never occurred to me since Gods don’t lock doors in Eden >_>

  7. I figured it might be something like that. I wonder if the Greek gods lock their doors? You’d think Aphrodite would’ve learned to by now.

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