Spirits of Eden Spring Playtest: Adventure Specifics

This is a different post to see if I can capture any new interest. I’ve mostly plotted out what I want to do with this game, I don’t know how many sessions exactly it will take, but I’m hoping for maybe 3 sessions spanning 2-3 days in-game (so you’ll get at least 1 extended rest). The game will be level 3. What this means in Eden is that you have gotten yourself into and out of some trouble before, usually one escapade or a few small ones.

Remember that skill challenges count for XP too, so this doesn’t mean you’ve been a brutal killing machine for the past few months, you could have been a diplomat or missionary or something. You have some anecdotes and experiences under your belt, so don’t be afraid to sling one out in-game even if you just came up with it now to spice up the roleplay.

The reason for level 3 also is that you have more encounter powers than you do attack dailies, so a bunch of encounters in a row without extended rests won’t bother you. However I don’t expect the game to be extremely hacky-slashy.

The game will be a site-based, event-driven adventure that I will try to use to showcase the sort of spiritual, earthy feel that I like in SoE. It is based in the small village of Shemu within the forest of Poroki in the Andaliel Southlands. Paroki is a pretty thick, hilly forest, with some dangerous areas that the locals will be sure to tell you about if you ask them. The place is pretty sleepy, and is mostly a gathering-town for forest nuts and berries, and fishing in the river a couple miles from the village. You can get there by cart or horse, or magic wagon. The villagers will think you’re a hot-shot (and some may envy) if you ride in on a magic wagon, so consider whether you want the attention or not.

I’m not a stickler for this sort of thing, so you can have your horse (the cheapest one in the AV) for free, or you can own a donkey or two and a cart also for free (use the stats for a chariot), and maybe 100 lbs or so (the load capacity) of mundane trade goods if you’re a merchant character and your backstory fits with that. If you rode in on a magic wagon, you paid for a ride with it (you don’t own it), and it leaves right after dropping you off (or at a scheduled time, whatever floats your boat) but it won’t count against your starting cash allowance.

The only thing of interest in the Poroki is that several miles from Shemu, there is a tree named Oantai, a massive tree with great branches and canopies of green, large gnarled roots that have become parts of the landscape, creating archways and paths through digging into the earth. Oantai is an Andaliel Heritage Site and is considered one of the oldest trees in the world. As such, you’ll see a noted presence of rare, arrogant elves in the area “keeping a lookout” over the village. To say the least, they don’t appreciate this – elves are very pushy and antisocial except around other elves.

Shemu, as most towns do, has a local guardian spirit that lives in the village, and being in the forest, they brush with “wild” spirits on a regular basis. They also have an Andalian government office. The village is pretty small, of only about 250 people, so they govern themselves mostly by village council. They take well to strangers as long as they aren’t hassled too much.

Here’s your hooks, pick one you think fits your character:

•Contact – you were sent to Shemu by the Andalian government to meet with the small government office in Shemu and give the yearly report, including census information, any intelligent spirits granted citizenship, any crimes committed, and so forth.

•Family – you went to Shemu of your own free will to visit a family member you have there. This family member should be given a little detail in your backstory, but the person and you are mostly estranged. Perhaps a family emergency made you want to seek this person out. Regardless, I’ll be taking some liberties in roleplaying the person.

•Business – you trade grain in Shemu at a high price to get berries and nuts at a low price. There are also rare aromatic flowers in Shemu that, though expensive, you can splurge for to make a quick, big buck with the noble ladies in Oomash or Impel (or if you have a mean streak, you can try to grab these flowers yourself without permission, one would suppose).

•Pilgrimage – The Oantai tree is a place with some sacred meaning that acolytes of Paikar, Arcline, Kaehma and Rashine are encouraged to visit, though other faiths have interest in it as well. To Elves, it is an important heritage site, as a tree so old it might have come from a previous Era, where Elves might have been more dominant.

•Wandering – you just blew into town. Maybe you just want to settle down somewhere out of the way, or hide until something blows over. If you’ve no silver tongue, the people might find you suspicious. Who’d want to leave the big cities and go to Shemu?

Another important thing I remember. Good, Lawful Good and Unaligned only. Please note that Unaligned is not your ticket to be “kinda evil”. I have nothing against evil characters normally and allow them into my games, but for the short run of this game I don’t want to have to deal with that. You don’t have to be a goody-two-shoes flowery knight of valor or anything, just don’t rape the pockets of the population before murdering them with by choking them with their purses, please.

I think that’s all. You’ll learn more about the “real” adventures when you actually play and talk to people and find out the current events ;)


We seem to have three players so far!

Croix: Sounds good! Read the stuff here and see how it fits your character. You can either post the completed sheet in this thread or just email them to me. I will try not to be bogged down with work this Friday afternoon so I can go on an IM and maybe I’ll catch some players there.

Kitsune: I don’t think the idea I currently have for a game will finish just on Sunday, but you are welcome to be there for the start of the adventure. Actually, I think I have a way to spin it so instead of being just one adventure it’s two interrelated ones, that way when Kitsune has to leave, the rest of the party can just segue to the next one. But this’d mean we’ll need five players, which is okay, I can handle that. This is of course if we DO run Sunday 6-9, since having player DEPEND on this time is somewhat constraining and I hope you don’t take offense if during that day something comes up, Kitsune.

Though, I’m clear for that day so far, so yeah, until further notice, 1st game is on Sunday, 6 PM through 9 or 10 PM. Just make the level 3 character since that’s finally decided, I will try my very best to run, get that finished in a way you can have a satisfying game beginning to end, and then we can continue right along.

Crater: Awesome to have you here! I’m glad somebody’s doing an Ainyu because I really like them and I think they have a lot of RP potential. I’m also glad we have a good defender now that the Warlock can provide support for (I noticed the Warlock really plays much better when it has a defender around – “I gank them, you spank them”).

So Defender, Striker right now. Sweet.

Anyway, other people that want to join, don’t be afraid. I can try to be a bit more flexible with my times depending on the situation during next week.

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28 thoughts on “Spirits of Eden Spring Playtest: Adventure Specifics

  1. Oh, and to help out:

    Hamachi for Windows: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/list.asp

    Hamachi for Mac: http://www.hamachix.com/

    (If you’re on Mac, don’t get the version on the logmein site)

    Basically the way it works – I join Hamachi and create a network. It has its own address, which I use when I host a Gametable game. You fire up Hamachi. I give you the name and password for the network. You join it, and look for my address in the network. You use that in Gametable to connect to me and boom, we has game.

  2. croisvoix

    Alright mys chedule changed cause my boss is an idiot and my date therefore claimed sunday as opposed to saturday. So I can do Saturday and and weekday now. And does a MW sheet work for you Wyatt? If not I’ll work something out here.

  3. I might be in. My spring break is also next week, and I’ll mostly be free. I don’t have time right now to do all the reading up on your gameworld, but I will during break. Be nice to be a player for once.

  4. @Croix: That’s problematic. I don’t want to leave Kitsune out in the cold. Maybe you can come in on a Monday or Tuesday game, the “second part” of the Sunday game, replacing Kitsune? I’ll try to get a savelog to send you from the Sunday game if so.

    @Swordgleam: Good to have you on board!

  5. Dark080matter

    Call me a potential in on this one as well. I may just make a Leader, Controller, or whatever else nobody else wants to make.

    By Friday afternoon (within 24 hours, then) I should be able to come back with a definite up or down on the thing.

  6. Yay! That makes 5 potential players, which’d be good since we have one that’s very temporary, and one that can’t play on the same day as the temporary one. Yeah, that’d fit snugly. Remember to read the last post too everyone (sorry it’s spread out across two).

  7. I might go controller, if that’s what you need. I had back luck with my 1st ed mage, but it might be time to give the ol’ glass cannon another shot. Also: cantrips. Of course, if someone else wants controller and we decide to double up on defenders, I’m always happy with the smashy-smash.

  8. Well, we have two people so far who’d be willing to play whatever’s left, so just decide between the two of you who’s controller and who’s leader. Though don’t worry too much filling all the roles, I don’t think it’d be that bad (though having healing is, as usual, very very very good).

  9. I’ll do Controller, then.

  10. Dark080matter

    Awesome. I can totally handle Leader (kinda had my fingers crossed for that, actually). It occurred to me while reading up on the SoE setting that I have a character who is already almost outrageously appropriate thematically: Tetranna, the Spirit Whisperer. She got rejected for the position of substitute leader for a group on Myth-weavers. Here’s the character submission:


    I think that instead of an Elf, she will have to be an Ainyu. The character is already somewhat demanding it. ;) Obviously background would have to be editted greatly, but the core concept is something I’d like to at least go with.

    Umm… Unfortunately, I realize that as the character is using the preview Shaman rules that it’s outside the allowed material of the campaign. So perhaps she would work better as a heavily fluff-altered Cleric?

  11. Yes, fluff-altered cleric sounds well. The premise, aesthetics and features of the Shaman kind of bug me in SoE. The whole idea of having some sort of ghostly spirit at your beck and call that is completely vulnerable to get totally wasted by your enemies kinda jars me. Even a protective spirit or something would have more self-respect than that, and there would have to be oaths exchanged and a ban imposed between you for it to work. I don’t like getting all “creator OCD” on people’s characters, but spirits in Eden and the 4e Shaman class are one area that just really peeves me out (which is why it’s staying out of the setting). A Cleric would be best, really.

    However, you said you were making an Ainyu, so maybe your motes could be fluffwise the equivalent of the summoned spirit…meh, better not. Shaman just bugs me.

    The concept would need some minor tweaks beyond this, yeah (the situation you describe in the backstory would really only occur in Selvage, which is the only place with tribes and true fey wilderness – but Ainyu don’t live in tribes in Selvage) but at the core it works and it’d be interesting. You could abstract your spiritual communication by making Religion checks to glean spiritual knowledge of areas and so on.

  12. Oh yeah, one big thing I wanted to mention but forgot. I’m not a stickler for “short rests”. To me, a short rest is the time between this encounter and the next one, and what happens in that stretch has no effect on the eventual outcome (getting back encounter powers). You don’t have to physically stop to take a breather for five minutes, you don’t have to physically break out the band-aids or whatever your character does to use a healing surge, etc. You can walk slow, or you can do something else, but not need for “5 minute campouts” all the time. Of course, sometimes it’s appropriate, but at other times it’s a nuisance and I don’t enforce it often.

  13. croisvoix

    I can do the whole play on the weekdays thing.

  14. Shaun

    I think your setting is great. I wish my work schedule allowed me to play, but it doesn’t. Is there any chance of you posting your adventure after you have completed it so those of us who will have to work it into our horrible real life schedule can give it a try?

  15. Sure thing. I’ll try to organize the whole thing and post it as a PDF when I can.

  16. Dark080matter

    Ok, so here’s the current lvl 3 Cleric build of Tetranna.


    When I get around to it, I’ll add in background info and stuff. Let me know via the e-mail when we’ll be doing this, and I’ll send my contact info back.

  17. Dark080matter

    Hmm… I have made one mechanical error. Nature is not on the Cleric’s skill list. I’m not really a fan of any of these other skills for her though… can I let that one slide?

  18. You could solve it pretty simply by being from Emderuer or Periterim, both of which give Nature as a bonus trained skill. But sure.

  19. Dark080matter

    oh right… regional bonuses! Ignore me. I’ll not have to fudge rules at all then, frankly I’m kind of embarrassed I asked in the first place.

    How are we handling equipment?

  20. Same as normal. Level 4 item, level 3 item, level 2 item, level 2 cash. Plus the horse or wagon as mentioned above. And any reasonable amount of mundane equipment. The DMG says you can buy any amount of mundane goods as a high level character without spending cash, but come on…a guy with 100 lbs of rations or something would be ridiculous.

  21. Kitsune Tsuki

    If you can’t get a day that’s good for me, go ahead and play it without me. Not a big deal. Otherwise, I’ll have a character up by tomorrow morning.

    What’s the list of class roles right now?

  22. So far Sunday works perfectly for me, so don’t worry.

    Croix: Striker (Fleurian Warlock)
    Crater: Defender (Paladin)
    Dark: Leader (Cleric)
    Swordgleam: Controller

  23. Kitsune Tsuki

    I’ll go Iomadi fighter. Probably tempest, but maybe just regular great weapon.

  24. Sithobi1

    I’m kinda interested in this, but I’m only free on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

  25. I’ve no problem with introducing people halfway through adventures or anything, there’s a million ways to do it if you want to play.

  26. croisvoix

    When are we palying weekdays?

  27. I’d really like to play tomorrow, but Tuesday is probably more realistic. So I’ll say Tuesday. Then maybe a game on Thursday and the last game on Friday or Saturday.

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